The Solution

Controling the SERPS

We create thousands of pages of positive, anti-counterfeit content to be syndicated throughout the Web.  We also utilize every legal angle to remove offending counterfeiters from the Web.  We also work with Google and and other to remove offending sites from the SERPs.

Establishing Safe Zones

No crime can be completely abolished.  “Real world” anti-crime strategy begins with defining “safe zones” and protecting them.  ‘Safe zones’ are defined to create space between the general public and the opportunity to participate in crime.  Online, the safe zone should be the SERP but, instead, is Canal Street. There is no safe zone.

Getting Started

SERPsecure is approaching the top companies affected by non-branded counterfieting SERPs.  Goal is the top 10 brands affected in the space as identified by our research.  Each company will be asked to contribute equally to the project.  Our goal is to raise a total of $2 million to operate the Serpsecure Army for one year.  The SERPsecure Army will be available to member companies to work on branded counterfeit SERPs at discounted prices.